eKMap Survey

Management software to collect data (location, information, images / videos) in the field using mobile devices.


eKMap Survey

Manage mobile data collection forms

- Design collection form.

- Manage collection form library.

- Manage base map layer (Google, Open Street Map, eKMap, ...)

- Display data collected

- Search, query collected data

- Update data collected according to the form

- Track data collection activities

- Decentralize data collection according to the form.

- Export / import form data: Excel, CSV, Shapefile, GeoJSON

- Synchronize data of collected form with eKMap Editor map class


eKMap Survey

Collect data by mobile form

- Enter data in a field collection form using the mobile app on Android or iOS

- Collect location with GPS positioning or manual positioning on background map.

- Edit the collection location on the background map.

- Display data according to the collection form.

- Update data according to the collection form

- Search and look up information on collected form

- Online / Offline operation mode

You can help customers in real-time across all of your channels from email, social, website, iOS, and Android apps.

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