eKMap Server

GIS Server / Map Server software provides map services, spatial data services according to open standards: OGC, Vector Tiles (Mapbox Vector Tiles), Esri's open APIs and XYZ Tiles

eKMap Editor

WebGIS software provides the capabilities of a standard Desktop GIS software: spatial data management, map presentation and editing, spatial data updating


eKMap Survey

Management software to collect data (location, information, images / videos) in the field using mobile devices

eKMap Portal

Powerful, full featured GeoCMS - Geospatial Content Management System developed specifically for the Vietnamese market (on the basis of online GIS software gServer) for the purpose of implementing shared data management systems. , GIS-based specialized data and portals provide, share spatial data, online maps for government organizations and enterprises


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Why us?

We develop GIS software with the latest technologies to address the most essential needs of Mapping and geospatial data on WEB PLATFORM at REASONABLE COSTS

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